When should I switch my puppy to adult food?


11 November 2016

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Reaching adulthood:

  • Dogs reach adulthood at different times, depending on their breed, size and development. Larger breeds take longer to mature - up to 18 months - than smaller breeds, which can become adults by nine months old.
  • Owners should not stop feeding puppy food too early in a dog's life as he may miss out on the vital nutrients he needs while he is still growing rapidly. EUKANUBA food contains optimal levels of DHA, an essential omega 3 fatty acid which is proven to aid brain development.
  • If you're unsure of when to change your dog to adult food, discuss it with your vet.
  • EUKANUBA provides tailored food for dogs depending on their age and size. As well as having the right ingredients to support stable growth, the recipes come with helpful guidelines of what ages your pet should be eating that food.

Switching from puppy food to adult food:

  • To avoid giving your dog an upset stomach, make the change from puppy food to adult recipes gradually.
  • To begin with, mix a small amount of adult food in with your dog's puppy food. Over a period of a week, replace an increasing amount of his puppy food with the adult food until, after seven days, your dog is only eating the adult recipe.
  • Transitioning your puppy to the appropriate adult diet is key in promoting a long, healthy and active life. Together with appropriate care, the 100-per-cent quality nutrition contained in Eukanuba can help maximise the health of your adult dog.
  • As your dog reaches adulthood, he has different nutritional requirements. Adult dogs do not burn as much energy as a puppy and are not growing as rapidly, so can put on weight if they are still fed puppy food, which has more calories.

Preparing your dog for adult life:

  • Feeding your dog a quality diet is the best way to ensure he stays happy and healthy. EUKANUBA offers 100-per-cent complete and balanced food, no matter what age or breed of your dog. It has been expertly produced to contain vital ingredients, vitamins and antioxidants to promote your dog's health and well-being. The brand is often recommended by top breeders and is the Kennel Club's partner in nutrition.
  • When your pup is fully grown, you can introduce a full exercise regime. Your dog will need regular walks to keep him happy and in shape.
  • When your dog reaches adulthood, he will be able to start most canine activities. An activity is a great way for you to work together and increase your bond, as well as keeping you both fit and healthy.
  • Never forget to enjoy your dog! Spending quality time with your canine companion is the best way to ensure he has a happy life!

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