What is International Dog Day?


23 August 2022
The main aim of International Dog Day is to encourage people to adopt dogs in need of a forever home, and to celebrate dogs everywhere.

International Dog Day was founded in 2004 in the United States, by pet and family lifestyle expert, dog lover, and animal rescue advocate Colleen Paige. She chose August 26 as this was the day her family adopted their first dog. Since then, International Dog Day has grown in size and is now celebrated all over the world. It is thought that since the start of International Dog Day one million dogs have been adopted in the US alone!

International Dog Day hopes to:

  • Draw attention to the dogs who need to be rescued, and help promote dog adoption. 
  • Discourage people from buying from unethical sources such as puppy farms. 
  • Recognise the impact dogs have on our lives and the impact that can have on our well-being.
  • Celebrate the amazing bond we have with our canine friends.


10 ways to celebrate International Dog Day!

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