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27 January 2022
Award-winning dog photographer Bridget Davey on life behind the lens and making photoshoots fun for dogs and their owners.

Q. What made you become a pet photographer?

“I have always loved photography, and I got my first camera from my dad at the age of seven. Ever since then, I have documented our adventures and travels. 

“I started doing weddings and family photography alongside my day job, and then after I moved to the UK from Germany, we got our first dog, Beagle Porthos, and I started doing pet photography. I am now a full-time professional dog photographer, recognised nationally and internationally.
I won the judge’s choice award in this year’s International Pet Photographer of the Year Awards 2021, and I am about to publish a book about dogs in London in 2022.” 

Lucy was joined by Beagle Archie, after Porthos sadly passed away in 2019.

Q. Tell us about your own dogs and how they have influenced/inspired you in your career.

“My big dog, Porthos, inspired me to become a dog photographer. We went on so many adventures together and I documented them all with my camera. I noticed that no one here did outdoor sessions, but I thought if my dog loves outdoor photoshoots, others will too. Most photographers only offered studio shots for dogs and it never looked much like fun. So I started offering adventures in woodlands and parks and cities, where dogs can have fun, run around, and
be happy. 

“I have lots of international clients who are based in London and they want to have photos taken of their dogs in the city before they move away to another country. Lots of clients have  special walks with their dogs as well, which they want to capture in a photo, and it is always important to have photos of your dogs on the walls as dogs are family.”

Q. Do you have a favourite dog photograph? 

“Yes, and it is one of my own dogs, Porthos and Lucy. It was taken after a long day at the beach. Lucy has hayfever and Porthos always cleaned her eyes. It is so full of love, and we have it hanging as a huge framed print in our home.” 

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Many of Bridget’s clients enjoy having their dogs photographed with London landmarks as the backdrop.

Q. What are the secrets of successful dog photography? 

“There isn’t really a secret — it’s important that you do the job because you love dogs, you love taking photos, and you love telling their stories. 

“A big challenge here in the UK is the weather. You never know what you’re going to get and you have to learn to work with it and around it!” 

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