We chat to the Crufts 2019 champion!


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07 May 2019
The world’s most famous dog show didn’t disappoint this year, with four days of top-class showing, displays, events, and competitions. Here’s our quick pick of the highlights…

Massive congratulations to the 2019 Crufts Best in Show champion, Planet Waves Forever Young Daydream Believers, owned by Kathleen Roosens from Belgium. Two-year-old ‘Dylan’ beat 21,000 dogs to the coveted title, the first time a Papillon has won.

“I cannot grasp that we have won Best in Show just yet — I think I will be on cloud nine all week!” said Kathleen. “He is our Dylan the villain; whenever he goes out he comes back covered in mud!”

Your Dog caught up with Kathleen shortly afterwards to find out more.

Q) Has it sunk in yet that Dylan is the Crufts 2019 Champion?

Kathleen: “It was impossible to grasp what had happened immediately after Best in Show. We had a long day in the Papillon ring, having to hurry to even make it to the Toy group, and the next thing I knew my Papillon was standing next to that world-famous Crufts BIS trophy!”

Q) When you look back on the event, what will be your fondest memory of Crufts 2019?

“I will never forget the moment the judge, Dan Ericsson, pointed to Dylan as his winner.”

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Q) What do you think Dylan’s win will mean for the Papillon breed?

“I have been very passionate about this fantastic breed ever since I was a child. The Papillon is a very complete dog in a small deluxe package. There is nothing they can’t do; there is nothing they can’t achieve.

“I’m pleased that judges all over the world have acknowledged some of Dylan’s qualities in the ring, and I do hope he can set an example.”

Q) Tell us a secret about Dylan.

“Above all, Dylan is a pet, living a normal dog’s life. I co-own him, together with his Swedish family; in both homes he can get dirty, takes long walks, goes for swims, and sleeps in the bed.”