Vote for Brandy as PDSA Pet Survivor of the Year!


08 November 2018
Voting is now open for the public to choose the UK’s most miraculous pet, and Brandy – the death-defying dog needs your vote!

Brandy was playing fetch in the garden when things went disastrously wrong. Her owner Sophia-Jayne Lye heard her scream and rushed out to see the 11-inch stick protruding out of her chest.

She was rushed to PDSA’s Thamesmead Pet Hospital where vets were astonished that Brandy was even still alive. The stick had pierced her mouth, travelled through her throat and was lodged in her chest. Life-saving surgery was required to carefully remove the stick, which took nearly five hours, but it was still touch-and-go.

After several days at the hospital, Brandy was able to go home, but still required round-the-clock care from her owners and many visits back to PDSA. They had to clean the drains in her wounds daily, but she eventually made a full recovery and is now known as the Wonder Dog!

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It’s now up to the Great British public to decide which brave pooch or puss is crowned PDSA Pet Survivor of the Year 2018. Voting is open at until Friday 30 November.