Tiny Friends Farm Dog Treats!


28 February 2024
Supreme Petfoods, a leading figure in small pet nutrition, is venturing into the dog market with their new range of dog treats.

*Treats only available at the Your Dog Stand at Crufts 2024 (Thursday 7th March - Sunday 10th March). Free treats are limited to one per person. 

With over 25 years of expertise in manufacturing and selling branded treats from their own bakery, Supreme has been successfully making two of the dog treat recipes featured in the new Tiny Friends Farm range for over two decades. Having previously been sold under private label, the enduring popularity of these recipes highlights existing marketplace demand for both the brand and the formulations. The new treats include:

  • Danny Doggy Donuts
  • Danny Dog Yummy Sticks
  • Dolly Dog Tasty Bones
  • Dolly Dog Crunchy Cookies

Made with the same commitment to quality that has defined the Tiny Friends Farm reputation, the new treats are packed with tasty natural ingredients and gently oven-baked for maximum flavour.

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Danny Dog Doggy Donuts and Dolly Dog Tasty Bones are formulated with chicken, and Danny Dog Yummy Sticks feature a blend of chicken and garden vegetables. Dolly Dog Crunchy Cookies offer a plant-based option with peanut butter. The treats also contain essential nutrients to support health, from vitamin D3 to promote bone health to vitamin E to support healthy skin and coat.

There is great variety in the range, with the Tasty Bones and Doggy Donuts are semi-moist, while the Crunchy Cookies have a crispy texture and the Yummy Sticks pack a crunch too! You dog is sure to love the taste and the texture.

Supreme has long been recognised as leading name in small companion animal nutrition. Their tailored recipes help support vital elements of animal health from digestive health to lifestages. The essential ingredients are the right levels for individual species and there are no added sugars which could seriously damage small animal health. Supreme has won a host of awards — including for their Tiny Friends Farm range. The range now has two canine characters added to the team! The dog treat packaging showcases the new Tiny Friends Farm characters, Danny Dog and Dolly Dog, aligning with the rest of the range!

Supreme are committed to doing the best by pets and while they are known for their small animal expertise, they are committed to bringing that ethos to dog owners. Claire Hamblion, Marketing Director at Supreme Petfoods, says: “We will be putting all our efforts in to making Tiny Friends Farm as successful in the dog category as it is in small pet.”