Things to consider when buying a bigger dog


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10 January 2017
  • This is an obvious one, but is your home big enough for a larger dog? Smaller studio flats or terraced homes may not have the space a bigger dog needs to amble around without knocking things over with a swish of his tail. Having a garden or outdoor space is also a big must.
  • Are you physically strong enough to look after a powerful dog breed? Breeds such as the Bernese Mountain Dog or Newfoundland are well-built, strong dogs, and if one of them lurches forward quickly, are you able to stop them without being pulled over?
  • If you have young children, or frail or elderly family members at home, having a young, boisterous large breed might prove to be a bad idea, as there could be a danger that they might be knocked over.
  • Sadly, some larger breeds have a shorter lifespan than their smaller counterparts due to their size, but don't let this put you off -it's just something to consider.
  • All dogs do dribble to some extent, but bigger breeds such as Mastiffs and St Bernards are known to be quite slobbery. You may want to keep tissues handy if you're going to bring one home!

Don't let any of these points dissuade you though. If you could practically care for a larger dog, make sure you do plenty of research, speak to owners of the breed, and contact the breed clubs for more information.

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