The right dog bed for improved well-being


24 June 2020
Nowadays, when looking for a bed for ourselves, we put a great deal of thought into it. People tend to think in terms of the amount of time we, as humans, actually spend in bed, and dwell on the negative health impacts of getting the wrong type of bed for us and our families.

Well, as per the tagline #dogsarefamily, our pets’ mental and physical health can benefit tremendously just by getting them the right bed — surely their loyalty deserves this reward!

This is even more true when you consider how your dog sleeps. Generally, dogs sleep longer than we do; some can sleep on average 12 – 14 hours within a 24-hour period and this is quite normal. Puppies even sleep for 18 – 20 hours.

Therefore, just by sheer time spent in bed, it has to be worth investing wisely when choosing your dog a place to rest.

As with many consumer products out there today, choosing a bed is a veritable minefield. The online market is flooded with brands and product choices.

There are however, two main types of dog bed that claim to have great benefits for canine health.

Specifically, these bed variants are orthopaedic dog beds and anti-anxiety dog beds (also known as calming dog beds).

Orthopaedic dog beds

Orthopaedic dog beds can work wonders for all ages and breeds of dog. A true orthopaedic dog bed is constructed of premium memory foam. This highly resilient and hardwearing material has the technology to conform to your dog’s body while evenly distributing their weight across the surface of the bed. This in turn reduces pressure on the joints and hips.

These types of bed are ideal for arthritic older dogs or perhaps dogs suffering from hip dysplasia. They can really work to ease up joint stiffness, caused by the debilitating and chronic discomfort of these structural ailments.

This is a natural approach to easing your dog’s discomfort. It’s also of great importance given that research has shown that 9 out of 10 dogs will suffer from an arthritic condition in their lifetime.

Detriment to joints can be brought about by sleeping on a hard surface where pressure points are accentuated.

Orthopaedic dog beds are also great when used in a proactive and preventative way with younger dogs. The benefits can be huge in offering a level of total body support.

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Not all orthopaedic dog beds are equal

The quality of so-called orthopaedic dog beds varies greatly, and many are simply not orthopaedic. A true orthopaedic dog bed has to be constructed of a top layer of premium memory foam laid upon a base of high resilience foam, to ensure that your dog does not sink in too much to the point where they still touch the floor.

Many of the cheaper beds are filled with substandard foam chippings.

Your dog’s physical well-being can be greatly improved by the use of a proper orthopaedic dog bed.

Anti-anxiety dog beds

Anxiety in dogs can manifest itself in various ways. Behavioural issues may arise, including

aggression towards other people and pets, and inappropriate urination. The chewing of non-food items, a lowered immune system, and loss of appetite can all be symptomatic, as is a restless sleep pattern.

There are various causes of this:

  • A bad experience at the groomers
  • A new person or pet entering the home.
  • A bad experience when visiting the vet
  • Ongoing health conditions.
  • Loud noises such as thunderstorms/a party.
  • New owner routine causing separation anxiety.
  • A lack of quality sleep.

So how to treat this serious ailment naturally:

  • Dogs thrive on routine, so put one in place and stick to it.
  • Use of relaxing scents, such as lavender and chamomile.
  • Natural calming supplements (please consult your vet prior to administering).
  • An increase in exercise is sometimes good for combating stress and excess cortisol production.
  • Create a quiet space where your dog can relax and feel safe and secure.
  • Introduce an anti-anxiety dog bed, aka a calming dog bed.

How do anti-anxiety dog beds work?

Anti-anxiety dog beds work by putting a dog at ease, particularly during times of owner separation. The key is in the material and construction of these beds. The shag-like fabric is designed to mimic their mother’s fur from the time they were a pup and give them the feeling of comfort. The doughnut-like shape allows your canine friend to nestle and burrow into it giving them a real sense of security.

Introducing dog wellness company Bobby Bed

Bobby Bed is a forward-thinking canine wellness company that focuses on the health of our beloved pets, offering two main types of bed in its range, an orthopaedic memory foam bed and a calming doughnut bed.

Both of these beds are constructed in the proper way to serve their purpose, but they also have many additional features that are beneficial to both pet and owner.

All Bobby Beds have removable, washable covers, are antibacterial, and dust mite and mould resistant.

The orthopaedic dog bed range

A comfy orthopaedic dog bed featuring bespoke high-density memory foam, designed specifically for dogs by dog lovers. It perfectly adjusts to your dog’s body weight and the curvature of his spine, to ease the pressure on his joints and body.

These beds are very solidly made ensuring that there is no sag. They are bite and scratch- proof. What’s more this particular range has an integrated waterproof cover in case of accidents.

The anti-anxiety dog bed range

This calming pet bed designed by therapists acts as a safe haven for your dog or cat. With ultra-soft and comforting shag fabric, it is designed to mimic the soft fur of Mum. With a super-soft filling, it offers joint and muscle relief, while creating deep crevices that allow your pet to burrow and have a deep restful night’s sleep, improving your pet’s overall behaviour and health.

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