The 2018 Your Dog Advent Calendar winners!


15 January 2019
Were you a lucky winner in our 2018 Christmas Advent Calendar competition? Find out below...
Day 1 – Ruffwear Stumptown dog Jacket

Sue Dowdell

Day 2 – Furbo Dog Camera

Mark Robertson

Day 3 – Pet Munchies dog treats

Philip Orr, Louie Wilkinson, Jodie John, Rachel  Carpenter, Jo Jones

Day 4 – NERF dog toy bundle

Karen Proud

Day 5 – Ruff & Tumble Drying Coat & Mitts

Rachel Gilbey

Day 6 – Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky treats

Amanda Williams

Day 7 – Miss Teddy dog clothing bundle

Morag Forbes

Day 8 – Nina Ottosson dog puzzle toy

Christine Smith

Day 9 – Tuffies Durasoft dog mattress

Nicola O'Brien

Day 10 – Zooplus Hunter Grimstad dog bed

Barbara  Macfarlane

Day 11 – Natures Menu Country Hunter Raw Superfood Nuggets

Jane Hampson

Day 12 – Pet Munchies dog treats

Elaine White, Helena Romanowska, Angela Wilcox, Louise Paton, Moyra Miller

Day 13 – Scruffs Grizzly Dog Bear bed

Jackie McLaughlin

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Day 14 – George Barclay Hursley Sofa Bed

Emma Gillingham

Day 15 – Kurgo Harness & Bench Seat Cover

Rebecca Townsend

Day 16 – Fish4Dogs Salmon Oil

Sheila Jensen

Day 17 – Two-night stay at Craig Y Nos Castle, Wales

John Sparrow    

Day 18 – Pouch of HiLife Dog Food

Abi Kay, Nicola Derbyshire, Nicola Derbyshire, Jenni Noble, Penny Woodyer, Darren Liscoe, Wendy Ashby, Dave Pearce, Faith Marks, Lynne Thomas, Pam Morris, James Tupper, Jude Mayhew, Paul Michael Arthur Thompson, Louise Ackerley, Christine Ball, Gerri Hickman, Anne Gavin, Kate Turner, Claire Blaney, Alison McKenzie, Sam Ashmore, Susan Miller, Micki Hobbs, Hayley Atkins, Ian Ferguson, Victoria Prince, Angela Mcdonald, Beth Jackson-D'Zacchaeus, Nancy Bradford, Sandra Siddall, Monika Bascombe, Pete Cleasby, Pam Young, Carol Bell, Nicki Ramsay, Audrey Tebbs, Katherine Evans, Jan Johnson, Richard Twist, Sarah Purnell, Simon Collinge, Janine Phillips, Rebecca Hodson, SUZANNE DRUMMOND, Carol De Brikasaan, Lisa Williams, Stuart Bayley, Janette Crolla, Anna Gleave, Rob Griffiths.

Day 19 – Millies Wolfheart Luxury Hampers x 2

Carol Carroll

Day 20 - Hygge & Hound Deluxe Box

JK Thorogood

Day 21 – Pet Munchies dog treats

Julie Banks, Nicki Gill, Mark Taylor, Samuel Fairman, Nancy Bradford

Day 22 – Lollipet customised dog garment

Theresa Marland

Day 23 – PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher

Samantha Jane

Day 24 – George Barclay Hursley Box Bed

Avril Taylor

Day 25 - Pet Teezer grooming set

Lucy Wilkinson

Thank you to all those who entered! See you next year!