TailTale device is soon to launch on Kickstarter


03 October 2018
The device boasts a GPS unit, a multi-axis accelerometer, a laser thermometer and a patent pending proprietary heart rate sensor.

The device itself has a sim card slot, so it connects to your smartphone via both WIFI and mobile networks. On top of these, you can attach a camera unit to it to record and stream videos from the point of view of your dog.

The GPS unit can live track the location of your dog, keep a record of the places it has been to, and alert you when your dog wonders out of your pre-set boundaries. The multi-axis accelerometer monitors the posture and movement of your dog, this allows TailTale to make an accurate observation of how much exercise and resting your dog gets in a day; and allow you to know its caloric expenditure and distance travelled. Tailtale also monitors heart rate and body temperature and will alert you if things seem out of the ordinary.

The Camera unit, although not as powerful as a real action cam, can take pictures and short videos optimised for instant viewing on your phone. You can stream videos from the dog’s point of view, so you always know what your pooch is up to.



The device has a battery life of about two days under normal usage, and charging takes around an hour and a half. It also has water and dust resistance rating of IP65 which means you can use the device outdoors under any weather conditions. The device needs to be worn on the custom designed TailTale harness available from size small and up, and typically suitable for dogs weighting more than 10kg.

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The TailTale team have no desire to make the product just for health and safety reasons, in fact, they believe Vets are always the best people to consult if someone has any concerns over their pet. Tailtale has always been about gaining insight into your dog’s lives, seeing through its eyes and understanding how it reacts to things physiologically. Their long -term goal is to make a suite of analytical tools that can tell exactly how your dog is reacting to things emotionally.

The TailTale app is also being developed to have its own dedicated social media function “PetConnect”, where any pet lover, with or without a TailTale device, can set up a profile for their pet and engage through this with others using the same App.

The TailTale device is scheduled to launch on Kickstarter soon. The Kickstarter price will be £99 plus camera sold separately for £19. EU supporters will first receive their TailTale at the beginning of next year, the rest of the world has to wait an few months.

Find out more by visiting the TailTale website and find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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