Staffie Fred is on the hunt for a new home


12 November 2018
The 10-year-old Staffie arrived at the RSPCA’s Leybourne Animal Centre, in Kent, in September when his owners could no longer care for him.

Fred - like his cricketing legend namesake Freddie Flintoff - loves nothing more than a game of throw and catch so is hoping to bowl over a new owner.

Claire Yorke, from Leybourne, said: “Fred is an older chap so that may be one of the reasons he’s being overlooked. He’s had a good innings but we’re sure he’s got a lot of games left in him yet!

“He’s a good catch and is looking for a quiet retirement home and comfy sofa to call his own.

“He’d like an adult-only home or older family with no other pets. He’s unsure around other dogs and is happy to mix with those that are calm but is frightened if they’re too bouncy and excitable so he’s currently being muzzled when he’s walked.”

Fred is a very gentle pooch who is very loving and enjoys being with people. He loves long walks  and sunny spots for naps.

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“Poor Fred is finding kennel life really stressful,” Claire added. “He really just wants some peace and quiet in a loving new home.

Unfortunately, the RSPCA finds dogs of certain colours and older pooches can take longer to rehome.

It takes 50% longer to rehome brindle dogs and up to three times longer to rehome dogs over the age of seven.

Claire added: “All dogs are beautiful and have their own unique, amazing personalities so we’d ask people to look past Fred’s age, colour and muzzle and give him a chance!

If you’re looking for a dog please consider taking Fred on and come down to the centre to meet him. He’s sure to bowl you over!”

For more information about Fred please visit his online profile or contact Leybourne on [email protected] or 0300 123 0751.