Five ways to improve your dog's training


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06 January 2017

1. Clicker training

If you're struggling to teach specific commands to your dog, clicker training may be the way forward. This is an interesting way of teaching your dog basic commands to more impressive tricks, using a precise signal to indicate that you liked what he did, followed by a reward. You will need to start by teaching your dog the connection between the click and the treat. Once you have successfully taught him this, you are then able to start using the clicker as a training aid.

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2. Reward right

To keep your dog interested in training sessions, why not mix up his rewards? Giving him the same kibble each time can be boring and this may be the reason your dog is lacking in enthusiasm during his training sessions. How about giving him a bit of a variety? If you're out on a walk and want to get his attention, it might be worth using a tastier reward, such as chicken or sausage. For training at home, use kibble or other lower-quality treats. Some dogs prefer toys to treats, so if this is the case, keep a toy aside for training which you can use to praise him.

3. Try something new

If you're happy with your dog's level of training, why not set yourself the challenge of teaching him something new? If your dog is an obedience master, why not try agility? You'd be surprised how quickly he can pick it up. Why not sign your dog up to an agility group, so you can learn together? Of course, it doesn't have to be agility - why not have a go at Flyball or heelwork to music?

4. Join a training class

If you're finding training isn't going quite how you wanted it to, it might be worth joining a training class. They can be really helpful and aren't specifically aimed at puppies - they are often open for dogs of all ages, so it is never too late to brush up on your dog's training and commands. Joining a training class can be beneficial as you can learn different training techniques which your dog might react better to. It's definitely worth a try!

5. Short and sweet

To keep your dog's attention during training, try to stick to small sessions at a time. Often dogs can become bored if they have to take on too much information. You want to promote training as a positive thing, not something he dreads, so try to keep it fun!