School's out!


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05 April 2012

Your Dog feature writer Kelly Felstead tells all about Cocker Spaniel Henry's last day at puppy school.

I have never known a dog to be so excited about going to puppy school! For the last six weeks Henry has been bursting with excitement on a Saturday morning as we get ready to spend an hour at our local puppy training class in Yaxley, near Peterborough. Every week, as we approach the doors of the hall, he pulls like crazy - all his heelwork training forgotten - to get inside and greet his friends.

Sadly for Henry this ritual is no more, as last week was end of term for Henry's class of pups. Part of this last session was spent playing games to reinforce the training we've learned. We separated into two teams for a fun rely race where we could use our recall training; Henry and his teammate, Labrador Zelda, won both times.

The last activity was a fun timed obstacle course encompassing weaving through cones, a mock vet check, repeating the sit, down, and stand commands, a five-minute stay, and finally a recall. All the puppies did really well and scored great times.

My fiance guided Henry round the course; at one point things became rather competitive as he skidded across the floor, arms open wide, to greet Henry as he ran towards him to the finishing line.

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At the end we all waited to see which pup had come first; I was very proud when Henry's name was read out after completing the game in 54 seconds. A great ending to what was an enjoyable and informative course.

After posing for a group class picture and receiving certificates, we all said our goodbyes. Henry will continue to meet up with one of his classmates, Springer Spaniel Cassie, as we've been enjoying taking the dogs on lovely walks with Cassie's owners.

We've put Henry's name down for rally so hopefully he'll be able to join this class - which is also attended by Your Dog office dog Bertie. Watch this space.