RSPCA removes 82 Chihuahuas from one house


09 October 2018
A shocking RSPCA rescue saw 82 Chihuahuas rescued from one house.

RSPCA inspector Herchy Boal was on duty in Birmingham, West Midlands, when she was called by police, who were investigating the death of a woman.

She says: “When I arrived at the property, I found 82 dogs inside. They literally started appearing from everywhere. We would move the washing machine, and suddenly there’d be six faces looking at you. The house looked like an earthquake had hit it; it was really chaotic and dirty.

All 82 dogs were removed and taken to the charity’s Newbrook Farm Animal Hospital, where it was found that some had matted coats, fleas, and burns. Staff worked through the night to check over all the dogs and ensure they received any necessary treatment. Four of the dogs were returned to the owner, and the rest were rehomed.

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It transpires that the woman who died, and her husband, had started out with two Chihuahuas, but didn’t neuter their dogs, and, four years later, they ended up with 82.

Inspector Boal adds: “This was a classic hoarding situation, but it was clear the couple had loved their dogs, and things had simply got out of hand.

“I really hope we can use this story to make it clear why it’s so important to neuter your pets, not only to avoid unwanted litters, but also to avoid inbreeding.”