Revealed… why your dog needs a healthy a gut!


29 January 2021
Did you know... your dog’s gut contains trillions of bacteria that are essential to keep them healthy? Together with other microorganisms, they form your dog’s gut flora. If they get out of balance, poor gut health and even poor general health can be the result.

Tummy troubles are common… of all non-routine vet visits in the UK, 18% are due to gut health concerns. There are multiple possible causes for gut disturbances, and they are common in both younger and older dogs.

All dogs can benefit from gut support, but a dog’s gut flora could benefit if…

  • Their diet has changed, or they’ve been scavenging.
  • They’ve been travelling or staying in kennels – both are known to contribute to a ‘stress gut’.
  • They are getting older or have developed a sensitive tummy.
  • They have taken antibiotics.
  • They are pregnant or feeding a litter.

Help is at hand!... Procanicare™ provides ‘good’ bacteria for a healthy balance in your dog’s guts. Bacteria grow best in the species they came from, that’s why Procanicare™ is ‘for dogs, from dogs’. It helps keep your dog’s gut flora stable by reducing ‘bad’ bacteria and by helping your dog’s own ‘good’ bacteria grow.

Watch this short video to find out more:

Scientifically proven... studies have shown that the Lactobacillus bacteria in Procanicare™ can reduce ‘bad’ bacteria, improve stool consistency and enhance well-being in dogs.

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Easy to use… Procanicare™ comes in powdered form, you simply scatter it on your dog’s food.  Wet or dry – it doesn’t matter.  Just one spoonful* per day will do the job.

Just ask your local vet for Procanicare™, or click here to buy on-line and get it delivered to your doorstep. You can also follow Procanicare™ on Facebook and Instagram.

*Based on a dog over 3kg. 1/2 teaspoon for dogs 1-3kg.

References are available upon request to support data and claims.