Rehomed Greyhound celebrates Valentine's Day with his special lady


12 February 2018
Dogs Trust Shoreham catches up with rehomed greyhound and his new female companion...

This 14 February Dogs Trust Shoreham caught up with Mac the Greyhound, a dog who literally has love on his side. Three-year-old Mac is an ex-racing Greyhound and has an unusual love heart marking on his fur, and stole the hearts of his adopters back in December of last year.

Despite having a very big heart inside and literally on his outside, Mac had been overlooked by potential adopters for over nine months at the rehoming centre. However, his luck changed when the Keating family from Portslade took him to his forever home, and he even met Mabel the female Greyhound, who has since become his new best friend.

Erica Keating said:

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"Mac is such a funny boy with his own unique character, he can be a stubborn lad, but that only adds to his appeal! He now spends his days in the company of Mabel who just wants to cuddle up next to him and play and I can tell that the two of them are slowly forming a loving bond that is going to last forever. His first Valentine's Day with us is a really loved-up one - complete with a happy ever after."

Dogs Trust Shoreham Rehoming Centre Manager Tracey Rae said:

"Whilst in our care, Mac showed himself to be a true gentleman with typically laid-back and docile Greyhound characteristics. Although not unusual for a Greyhound, Mac was exceptionally tall, but what made him most special of all was the heart shaped patch on his side.  As well as being friendly to all people he met, Mac was also a sociable boy amongst his kennel mates. We're delighted he's now having the most romantic of Valentine's Days alongside his special someone and his new, loving family."

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