Protect what you love - keep your dog safe in the car


15 June 2023
4pets of Switzerland is right at the forefront of innovation in crash-tested dog cages. Here, they give their advice on how to keep your dog safe in the car.

Why do pets need to be restrained in the car?

It's important that your dog is suitably restrained when it's travelling in the car with you. It's the law to do so and will help to keep both you and your dog safe. 

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Crash-tested cages for the car boot

4pets of Switzerland is right at the forefront of innovation in crash-tested dog cages.  Its PRO cage range has a patented high-tech rear panel that flexes when it’s hit; it absorbs and then releases the kinetic energy in a controlled way which gives the dog every possible chance of surviving a crash, whether the impact is from the front or the back of the vehicle. All parts of 4pets PRO cages are designed to be both user-friendly and dog-friendly. They are based around an aluminium frame that has fibreglass-reinforced plastic corners, and the sides and roof are made from laminated fibreboard that won’t get too cold in winter or too hot in summer.

Crash-tested carriers for the car seats

4pets also has a crash-tested system for carrying smaller dogs on car seats.  The Caree is designed for small dogs up to 15kg and is fixed in place with a seat-belt or into the car’s ISOFIX hooks - the system designed for child car seats.  There’s an access door on each side, so it can be used on any seat, and it’s cleverly designed to include fabric parts where possible, making it lighter to carry, and gentler on the seats. 

Other innovative and top quality products

Sherpa crash-tested safety harnesses have a step-in design that makes them easy to fit and remove; they work with the existing seatbelts so the dog can sit, stand, or lie down.  They also double as a walking harness – just attach a lead – and are comfortable enough for all-day use.  Be sure to turn off the passenger airbag if the dog is travelling on the passenger seat.

You’ll find all these products on the Travelling with Pets website alongside many others. Look out for the 4pets telescopic ramp (which help dogs walk in and out of cars with minimal strain on their joints), car seat covers and hammocks designed with dogs in mind, shoulder carriers for small dogs and wheeled carriers for dogs of all sizes. Finally, Dog Bag, the award-winning popup kennel that has a UV-protected layer - the perfect tool to help keep your pets cool whether in or out of the car this summer.

To learn more about keeping your pet safe and comfortable in the car, visit or call 01539 62188.