Photography tips to help you post perfect pictures of your dark-coated dogs.


26 April 2021
Animal-loving experts at pet-care brand Webbox are encouraging prospective new pet owners to take pride in their black-coated pets, following media reports that black dogs are being overlooked because they aren’t ‘Instagrammable’.

Most black dogs are difficult to photograph, and therefore harder to show off on social media.

Camille Ashforth, senior brand manager at Webbox, said: “We live in a time where everyone wants to show off their new pet on social media, and rightly so! However, we know that it can sometimes be a bit tricky to get distinctive shots of gorgeous black-furred dogs and cats.

“With most adoption homes having to go through virtual processes due to COVID-19, this means that many black pets will seem lacklustre on screens compared to their differently coloured competitors.

“Amazingly, we have seen a huge rise in pet purchases and adoptions over the COVID-19 lockdowns as people seek companionship. However, we are concerned that this could lead to a huge increase in abandonments as things, hopefully, return to normality this year.”

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home revealed earlier last year that it found forever homes for more than double the amount of pets during the first week of lockdown compared to the preceding week. However, not all forever homes are as permanent as pet charities would hope.

To help encourage new, and current, black-furred pet owners to take pride in their pets, Webbox has shared its black pet photography tips from Belfast-based photographer Conor Braiden.

Conor said: “Of course, studio lighting and a professional camera set-up will always be the best way to snap a perfect pet portrait. However, pet owners should also know these simple tricks to bring their dog to life in a photo.”

Photographer Conor Braiden.

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● Giving your pet a stylish accessory, like a blinged-out collar or a colourful bandanna is the perfect way to help them stand out in a photo. 

A blingy collar will help your dog stand out.


● A black pet’s biggest asset is often his gorgeous stand-out eyes. Use some treats, and hold these above the camera to grab your pet’s attention and snap the perfect shot of his bright-eyed face.

Pic perfect!


● If you’re really struggling to get a great shot of your black pet, then go for what they’re best at — silhouettes! As it still gets dark early, now is the best time of year to use the setting sun to create a dramatic backdrop for your silhouetted pet portrait.

● Whether you’ve found yourself with a new pet recently, or had a hard-to-snap dog for some time, all our pets deserve their moment in the spotlight!