Pet charity and TV actress launch series two of popular pet podcast


27 October 2020
Popular TV actress and former Strictly Come Dancing finalist, Emma Barton and her lovable Parson Russell Terrier co-host; Poppy Dog, has teamed up with Blue Cross, to produce a brand new series of The Petcast.

Launching on October 27, 2020 on Apple Podcast, iTunes, ACast and Spotify, the new six-part series will hear Emma – along with a variety of celebrity guests, expert vets and animal behaviourists – discussing a wide variety of topics related to pet welfare and how to live your best life with your pets, including; Fireworks & Your Pet, Pets in Covid Lockdown, Your Pet’s Autumn and Winter Survival Guide, Creating the Paw-fect Partnership – Children & Pets, Should I Get a Puppy and Things We Wish We Could Ask Our Pets.

During this latest series, Emma will be joined by three animal-enthusiastic celebrity guests - fellow EastEnders actress Kellie Bright (Pets in Covid Lockdown), BBC Radio 1 presenter Katie Thistleton (Should I Get a Puppy), and Loose Women panellist Kaye Adams (Things We Wish We Could Ask Our Pets) – delving into their own unique experiences of being pet owners, and sharing personal stories.

Animals enrich our lives in so many ways, but sadly some pet pairings do not work out as planned; leading to many pets being given up for rehoming or abandoned each year.  Touching upon the whole pet kingdom, The Petcast aims to empower owners with the information, tips and advice they need in order for everyone on two legs and four to live their paw-fect lives together!

The first series of The Petcast, hosted by TV actress Gemma Atkinson, launched in March 2020 and was a barking success – maintaining a firm place at the top of the ‘Pets & Animals’ Apple podcast chart for several weeks, and gathering thousands of animal-loving listeners.

Emma Barton comments: “I live with my gorgeous 12-year-old Parsons Russell Terrier, Poppy, so I know how rewarding being a pet owner can be. But it also comes with lots of responsibilities and challenges, which not everyone is completely prepared for.

I’m absolutely thrilled to be hosting the latest series of The Petcast with Blue Cross, where we dive into the wonderful world of pets – covering a mixture of topics, animals and breeds.

With the help of some amazing Blue Cross experts and recognisable faces, we’ve explored everything from introducing a new pet to your children, to assessing the impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on their behaviour, to protecting them from autumn and winter hazards. I’ve learnt so much and can’t wait to hear what fellow pet owners think!”

The Petcast Episodes

Episode 1 – Fireworks & Pets

With firework displays being cancelled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people may be planning to revert to traditional backyard displays for their 5th November festivities. However, while fireworks are fun for many of us, they aren’t as much fun for our pets.

In this episode, Blue Cross Animal Behaviourist, Claire Stallard, shares some tips and advice on how you can keep your pets feeling calm and safe when fireworks are taking place this winter.

Episode 2 – Pets in Covid Lockdown

From more one-on-one time with families, to less opportunity to travel outside of their local areas, our pets have certainly experienced a different way of life over the course of the coronavirus pandemic.

Joined by EastEnders actress, Kellie Bright, and Blue Cross Animal Behaviourist, Leigh-Anne Reed – in this episode Emma learns how our new way of life may have triggered different and new behaviours in pets and what we can learn about what they may be communicating to us.

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Kellie also shares her personal experience of the pandemic, and how her children and handsome hound Bohdi coped with a bustling household over the four-month lockdown

Episode 3 – Your Pet’s Autumn and Winter Survival Guide

Autumn and winter can be lots of fun for the whole family, but only if you are prepared for the potential hazards that come with it. In this episode, Emma and Blue Cross Vet, Bev Wilson, discuss tips and advice on how pet owners can keep their pets warm, happy and safe during these seasonal periods.

Episode 4 – Creating the Paw-fect Partnership – Children & Pets

Having a pet is a wonderful experience for a child, however, it also needs to be a positive relationship for the pet.

It’s important that children (and their parents) understand the needs of their pet breed and ensure that they are providing them with a happy and healthy home. In this episode, Emma is joined by Kerry Taylor from Blue Cross’s Educational Team, who offers information, tips and advice on the different pet options that are out there for children – and how they need to be looked after.

Episode 5 – Should I Get a Puppy

Many people are surprised to learn that puppy training should begin the day that they arrive in your new home. In this final episode, Emma will be joined by Blue Cross Animal Behaviourist, Claire Haynes, who has been fostering a puppy during lockdown, to discuss tips and advice on how to train a puppy, from the very first day they arrive right through their early years. Former CBBC presenter and presenter of BBC Radio 1’s Life Hacks, Katie Thistleton, also joins Emma and Claire to talk about her love of dogs and if she is ready to bring the puppy into her life that she has always wanted..

Episode 6 – Things We Wish We Could Ask Our Pets

Is it normal for my rabbit to thump it’s feet all the time? And why do my dog’s ears go back?  In this episode, Blue Cross’ Kayleigh Hill joins Emma to answer some of the most commonly Googled questions about our pets. Plus, Loose Women’s Kaye Adams asks the questions she’s always wanted to ask her dog, Bea. 

Episode one of The Petcast: Series 2 will air on October 27, 2020, on Apple Podcast and all other podcast platforms. Find out more here: