Patented puppy grooming with Pet Teezer


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01 September 2020
Pet Teezer give their top tips on how to groom your puppy, and take a look at the benefits grooming can provide.

Since we launched our life changing detangling hairbrush in 2007, Tangle Teezer customers have never stopped asking, if not begging us to design a brush for their dog. Every day at TTHQ we’d be sent or tagged in photos or priceless videos of a dog enjoying being brushed with a Tangle Teezer. So of course, we had to sit up and listen to those who knew best – our customers!

Since then we’ve had staggering success with our detangling and de-shedding brushes, so what was the next step? To accommodate the puppy category of course! We researched the problems that puppies can experience and listened to advice from professionals. Lastly, we tested and retested shapes, sizes, the flexibility and the length of the teeth to ensure puppies know from a young age that the grooming experience can be fun!

Just as you would spend precious time with your child, for your dog there’s no better feeling than sharing the love of grooming! Regular brushing not only can keep puppy coats knot free and hygienic, but it also builds discipline. A puppy’s coat constantly changes up to nine months old, making grooming routines essential. It’s safe for your children to use as no special skills are required, and there’s no ‘right’ way to do it. Pet Teezer works when brushing in any direction and just like our hairbrushes, The Power’s in the Teeth.

So how does it work? Grip the fur through the teeth and glide the brush through the fur, as opposed to brushing over the top and not putting any fur through the teeth. The intelligence in the teeth are strong enough to grip on to the fur yet have flexibility to release to stop any tugging at the skin. The Pet Teezer Puppy Brush delivers the gentlest of brush strokes with soft-flex teeth that glide effortlessly. The innovative two-tiered teeth detangle, brush away skin flakes and encourage oil glands to develop without brush burns or irritation to the skin. Perfect for sensitive areas such as behind the ears, beneath the tail and creases of legs.

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The benefits of puppy grooming:

  • Maintains a healthy skin and coat.
  • Improves circulation.
  • Reduces stress and blood pressure – in both human and puppy.
  • Helps you notice unusual lumps and bumps, parasites or scratches.

How often your puppy needs to be groomed depends on what kind of breed they are. Puppies with long hair may need to be groomed more often than puppies with short hair. This is because this hair gets dirtier and matted more easily. Dogs with long ears, such as cocker spaniels, may need more attention to be paid to this area; if any dirt is left there, it could lead to an ear infection. It is important to brush your dog’s hair if it gets matted, especially if you own a long-haired dog.

Here at Pet Teezer we always love to see how your dog is enjoying the Pet Teezer grooming experience so please tag us on social media and send us your pooch being pampered! And if you haven’t got a Pet Teezer brush in your possession, what are you waiting for? It’s the brush your dog would choose!

Get your brand new Puppy brush online at, or Pets At Home.