Opie's Bucket List


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08 November 2021
Firefighters at Twickenham Fire Station in south-west London have helped towards completing a bucket list for a Labrador puppy suffering from a rare heart defect.

Opie and 35 other dogs were rescued by the RSPCA from cramped and unsuitable conditions in East Sussex in July.

Although the 14-week-old puppy was diagnosed with life-limiting tricuspid valve dysplasia, his foster carer, RSPCA inspector Julie Parsons, is determined to give him the best life possible in the time he has left, so she’s devised a bucket list of dream doggy experiences for him to enjoy.

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So far, Opie has entered a charity dog show, and ridden in a fire engine, courtesy of firefighters on Twickenham’s Green Watch. Other goals to tick off include eating doggy ice cream, walking in Epping Forest, and on the South Downs to see the famous Jack and Jill windmills, learning to swim, going on a picnic, climbing a mountain, playing on Westward Ho! Beach, and sleeping on Mummy’s bed.

RSPCA Brighton is fundraising to pay for Opie’s ongoing medication, and possibly an operation to fix his problem, although this is likely to cost around £20,000.

To donate, visit https://rspcabrighton.enthuse.com/opiesbucketlist#!/