Online learning for dogs


25 September 2019
Every responsible dog owner understands the importance of training. But not everyone can make it to classes. Renowned dog trainer, Zoe Willingham, has the perfect solution. Online learning for dogs.

Zoe has launched the canine equivalent of an online university. It’s called Dogversity and is the perfect way for dogs (and their owners) to learn at their own speed and in a place that suits them. The average human spends 17% of their life in education while some dogs spend only 0.1% of their life learning about their world and how to behave in it. Dogversity aims to redress the balance.

Anyone can join Dogversity. There are modules for prospective puppy owners and all levels of doggy life skills as well as some specialist subjects such as recall, lead walking and scent training. You can choose which modules to work on, and enjoy spending time training your dog. You can also submit videos of your progress to graduate with a Dogploma, a Dogree or a Dogtorate.

Dogversity training sessions are available 24/7 through online video tutorials led by Zoe and the team from Best Behaviour Dog Training. We love the idea that you can view the videos on your smartphone and refer to them while you are training your dog outdoors, or if you prefer do some training in the comfort of your home.

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At Dogversity you’ll learn how a dog’s brain works and why reward-based training is so effective that your pets always remember what they’ve learned. You’ll see how by breaking each new skill into simple stages, your dog learns quickly.

These are no ordinary dog training videos. When you enrol in Dogversity Zoe and her team will be on hand to support you through every step of your dog training journey with exclusive access to a VIP group and much more.

Visit the Dogversity online campus to view the curriculum.

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