New year, new me, new supplement: the natural way to support your dog


22 January 2024
The natural way to support your dog.

Natural supplements continue to be popular with dog owners. A natural diet is less likely to cause other issues, such as skin irritation and digestive upset, compared to other products that have a higher chance of containing synthetic materials. That said, many products are marketed as “natural” but are not the best quality and can include fillers, bulking agents, and other nasties! A good place to start is to refer to the ingredients list on the label.

Why can a natural supplement be the better option?

  • Natural supplements can be a good place to start – a high quality natural supplement can be used to support the overall health of your dog, with potentially less side effects.
  • Better absorption – the body may be able to absorb something natural to higher standard compared to a supplement that contains an unnatural ingredient and in turn the supplement will then be longer lasting.
  • Less likely to suffer with side effects – Many medications out there can cause your dog to be unwell in the way of side effects, especially when medicines are administered for a lengthy period.

It can be better for the planet – a supplement that contains synthetic material is more likely to be made in a laboratory compared to a natural supplement, which is usually ethically sourced from growers and farmers. Your dog doesn’t have to have a medical issue or health condition to be fed a natural supplement. Some natural supplements, when fed from an early age, can act as a preventative in later life for conditions such as arthritis, and it is commonly agreed that it is better to prevent an issue than to treat an issue. 

Always consult a vet if you are concerned about your dog.

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Things to consider when choosing a natural supplement for your dog

There are things to consider when choosing a natural supplement for your dog. From quality to specific needs for your furry friend, here are a few suggestions:

  • Stay clear of damaging additives – some supplements can contain bulking agents or fillers which may be damaging to your dog. Check the label!
  • Form of supplement – natural supplements can come in different forms, so it is recommended to choose one that your dog is going to consume easily. Most supplements are available in powder, liquid, capsule, or treat form.
  • Dosage – it is important to understand the recommended dosage for your dog’s size and weight so that they can receive as much benefit as possible.
  • Choose a supplement according to your dog’s needs – There is such a wide range of supplements out there available for dog owners, so it is important to assess your dog’s needs from joint health, coat and skin health, general wellbeing, gut health and others.
  • Seek veterinary advice – Just like with anything new being added to your dog’s diet, it is important to consult your vet if at all concerned, they can offer advice on the suitability and consider your dog’s health history and any current medications.

Golden Paste for dogs: the natural way to support your dog all year round

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