New title added: Six People Who Changed The Dog World


14 February 2023
From eccentric politicians to a silver-tongued showman – Six People Who Changed The Dog World goes into detail about some of the people who have made a difference to the dog world.

In this new collection, you’ll be able to read about:


  • Eccentric politician Richard Martin – who tirelessly campaigned for the introduction of animal welfare legislation.
  • Physiologist Ivan Pavlov – a dog lover who gave us a better understanding of our dogs and their emotions.
  • Clarissa Baldwin - CEO of Dogs Trust and respected pioneer of dog welfare.
  • Charles Cruft – the showman who transformed the dog world – and if you hadn’t already guessed by the name, he was the founder of Crufts!
  • Jaak Panksepp – it’s thanks to this man that we now accept that our dogs experience a rich emotional life.
  • Karen Pryor – who changed the way we think about dog training.

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