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01 March 2023
In our newest collection, Carolyn Menteith travels the globe in search of some of the world’s most fascinating dog breeds.

In this collection we will be looking at breeds from around the world to find out what makes them so special, so suited to life as a companion dog (or not!), and discovering a little more about them.

Inside we look at different breeds from:

Northern Europe: We’re starting with the far north of Europe – where we see many of the thickcoated, hardy, spitz dog breeds, developed to be able to live and work in the frozen wasteland of the far north.

Southern Europe: Here we take a look at southern European dog breeds, who tend to be less active than their northern counterparts.

Africa: Carolyn Menteith heads south and discovers more about some of the interesting breeds in Africa – where working dogs are very much the order of the day.

Eastern Europe: Eastern Europe sees a wide variety of working dogs, from elegant sight hounds to flock guards - as Carolyn Menteith discovers.

Asia: A huge continent, with a variety of environments, weather conditions, and canine challenges, Asia has an equally wide range of native dog breeds.

The Americas: Straddling both sides of the equator, the continents of North and South America cover the most diverse climates. The dogs of the 35 countries this area covers are just as diverse.

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Japan and Australia:  The dogs of Japan have mixed origins, however Australian dogs are generally bred to work hard for their living, and have British ancestry.

Western Europe: Carolyn Menteith revisits Europe to discover more about its fascinating dog breeds – home to some of our best-loved dogs.

Talented dogs: Here we look at the dogs who have very special jobs, they are specialists, who have taken advantage of an environmental niche.


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