Mayhew celebrates World Vet Day


25 April 2018
London-based animal welfare charity, Mayhew, is celebrating and marking World Vet Day (28th April 2018) by highlighting the charity’s vet training programme.

World Vet Day pays a special recognition to the veterinary profession, celebrating the significant contribution vets have on society.

This year, Mayhew will be training 20 national and international vets through the charity’s vet training programme at their state of the art Community Vet Clinic in Kensal Green, North West London, which offers affordable preventive treatment that benefit the London community and individual pet owners long term.

The vets each spend two weeks training with Mayhew’s Chief Head Vet, Dr Ursula Goetz, and the rest of the Vet team.

As part of the training, Mayhew’s Vet team provided an insight into pre and post-operative care, protocols and techniques for improved animal handling, efficient sterilisation techniques and pain management. Implementing these best practice methods significantly helps to reduce the risk of complications during and post-operation, improves animal welfare and minimises the stress to the animals before, during and after neutering and general surgery.

Mayhew’s Chief Head Vet, Dr Ursula Goetz, said: “The vets participating in the training are enabled to not only help the animals, but to also gain an overall understanding of the complexity of animal welfare and population management, so that they are able to have a positive impact on the animals they deal with as well as educating the people involved to help relieve the suffering of animals all over the world. They also have the chance to learn more about Mayhew’s various community outreach and education programmes.”

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Mayhew is celebrating vets in London and also the international vets they train as part of their International Vet Training Programme, who leave not only with enhanced veterinary skills, but also with a general understanding of animal behaviour, knowledge about shelter medicine and the humane management of street dog and cat population.

Dr Ursula Goetz added: “We established our International Veterinary Training Programme with the aim to promote safe and secure neutering techniques for animal welfare projects abroad and to encourage the advancement of dog and cat population management abroad through education.”

To find out more about Mayhew’s International Vet Training, please visit