Mammaly’s Innovative New Dog Treats - “Snacks with Benefits”


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26 August 2022
Pet health brand mammaly® continues to impress dog owners with their innovative new “Snacks with Benefits” - nutrient-rich supplements in the form of dog treats. Here, we introduce you to their products!

Whereas animals in the wild instinctively seek out exactly the foods they need, our furry friends rely solely on us to fulfil all their nutritional needs and keep them happy and healthy. This is a big responsibility!

Which can seem especially overwhelming if your dog develops any kind of health issue. Not to mention the difficulty of finding healthy treats that your dog actually enjoys!

This is exactly where mammaly’s “Snacks with Benefits” come in. Together with experts, mammaly has developed nutritional supplements in the form of dog treats, full of superfoods, vitamins and pre- & probiotics - without compromising on taste. All products are veterinary-approved and contain proven active ingredients found in nature. But the real proof is in the great response: mammaly has top reviews on Trustpilot with a 4.8 stars and, since the market launch in November 2020, they have already made more than 100,000 dogs happier and healthier.

And because these are naturally delicious treats, your dog is bound to love them, making mammaly’s products effective and easy to use. Simply by rewarding your dog with about 1-4 snacks per day depending on dog weight, you can round out their diet, target specific health areas and support their overall health in the long term.

Their nutritional snack range currently includes nine varieties, each with its own focus on one of the many typical health problems dogs face. Some of their bestsellers include Lucky Belly for healthy digestion, Happy Hips for strong joints and Fresh Smile for healthy teeth.

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Each variety is intended for a long-term approach.

According to customer feedback, symptoms often improve after the first two weeks. But to achieve lasting results, they recommend feeding the snacks over a period of at least 2 months and onwards. This allows the active ingredients time to enrich your dog’s body and develop their full effect.

Sustainability is also very important to mammaly and they have already been accredited with Ethical Company Awards.

All their products are manufactured in Germany from the best-quality ingredients of natural origins. Outer cartons and product packaging are also FSC-certified and 100% recyclable. They are shipped carbon-neutral within the UK and Europe, with free shipping on orders over £49.

If you want to learn more about this innovative product and see how your furry best friend can benefit from it too, then head to today.