Make your dog a Facebook superstar using new app!


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05 April 2018
It is a given that pet owners simply love to share images of their four-legged friends on social media, and now millions of pet owners across the UK can make their pet a Facebook superstar thanks to a new innovative app which puts the nation’s pets at the heart of a new social media campaign from Blue Cross.

TV dancing stars Katya and Neil Jones are among the first to get involved in pet charity Blue Cross’ Superstar Pets campaign, which allows pet owners to create a short, snappy and personalised video of their beloved pet and share it with their friends and family via Facebook. The app also lets users choose to share just how much their pet means to them, aiming to celebrate the wonderful roles pets play in our lives, whilst raising awareness of those pets that aren’t so lucky.

Katya Jones explains: “As well as dancing, our other big passion is our dog Crumble Jones. She’s one of the family and we love her to bits. Sadly not all pets are lucky enough to have owners who can care for them or homes to call their own, and we are honoured to be supporting Blue Cross’ new campaign.”

Neil Jones adds: “Crumble Jones loves the limelight so she’ll be in his element taking a starring role in our video! We can’t wait to share Crumble’s film with all our fans on Facebook.”

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To view the free Superstar Pet app on your phone, tablet or computer, simply visit Create your video by uploading three short video clips of your pet and answering a few questions about what your pet means to you.