Make tear staining a thing of the past with Ocryl


11 May 2020
All dog owners know that grooming is important to maintain a dog’s well-being, preventing their coat from getting matted as well as removing dead hair, dirt and dandruff and checking for any ticks or fleas.

While most people know the basics of dog grooming, one thing that people are often unsure about is how to maintain their dog’s eye health.

Tear staining can result in reddish-brown marks in the fur around the eyes and can be unsightly, especially in pale coated dogs. In most cases, stains develop as tears spill over onto the face, which is often due to the shape of the eye sockets, eyelids or tear ducts.  

It is important to ensure underlying pathological reasons for tear staining have been ruled out by a vet but assuming that’s the case, there are ways you can help maintain your dog’s eye health.

One of the most effective ways to keep your dog’s eyes clean is to use Ocryl, a gentle eye cleansing solution from TVM UK.

The ingredients in Ocryl combat tear stains and keep them at bay when used as part of your dog’s grooming routine. Ocryl can also be used to help maintain general eye hygiene by cleaning crust and mucus from the eye. Crusty, gunky eyes are uncomfortable for pets and can attract bacterial growth in the area if left untreated. The ingredients found in Ocryl are mildly antiseptic and help to soften the crusts to make removal easier. Soothing rose extract is also included to help alleviate inflammation and the pH of Ocryl is the same as tears, meaning it is mild enough for use in, as well as around, the eye.

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If the area around your dog’s eyes appears very stained, you can consider using clippers to gently trim away excess fur. For safety reasons it’s vital to use clippers rather than scissors or alternatively, take your dog to a professional groomer service.

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