Make moving house less stressful for your dog


04 September 2015

Moving house is not just stressful for us, it is also stressful for our pets. We're taking them away from their safe place, from their territory and everything that's familiar to them. In fact 48% of pet owners say that their pet experienced stress during their move

According to recent research from the MoneySuperMarket Home Movers Hub, some of the main problems that those moving home experienced were toilet accidents, pets running away to their old home, or going missing altogether.

So just how can you alleviate the stress on your animals during and before a move? From keeping your animal safe and housed in one secure room while the ‘moving out' takes place, to putting familiar items, toys, beds, things that smell of the old house to make them feel at home as soon as you move into your new home – the following video covers it all.

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The video below discusses the best ways to make sure that your pet stays as relaxed as possible and settles in quickly to their new home.