Looking after your dog in the winter weather


12 November 2019
The Natural Dog Food Company share some of their top tips for looking after your dog in the winter weather.

Frosty and fresh winter walks are lovely and offer some beautiful sights, however it is important to remember that while we wrap up warm, our dogs are just as exposed to the elements and may need some extra help! Smaller and leaner built dogs such as dachshund and greyhound are more prone to feeling the cold, puppies and senior dogs are also likely to feel the cold. Try to keep cold walks brief and maybe provide a doggy coat or jumper to help keep warm.

Icing paths and roads are commonly covered with substances such as salt, these can often cause irritation to paws and cause issues if ingested, a quick wash of paws will help remove these salts and prevent tummy issues!

Make sure to position beds or resting places away from drafts, especially with older dogs and puppies, for those that struggle to keep warm you can also find bedding especially created to reflect body heat back onto your dog, or an extra blanket to snuggle into will also be appreciated!

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De-icer used for cars can cause serious health issues and can even have fatal consequences, try not to let dogs drink from puddle during the colder months just in case these liquids have contaminated the area. Clean up any spillages quick and keep out of reach of your dog.

Owning a dog means you get to view your local area in all weathers or visit the country side and enjoy the many different views you get from the same spot throughout the different seasons. Getting your winter woollies on and strolling through the countryside on a fresh winter day is a lovely way to spend time with your dog and stay active through the winter but take care of yourself too! Dark nights mean you need to think about torches or high vis for safety around roads, wrap up and make sure you can contact someone in an emergency and let people know where you are heading during the day.

Head over to Natural Dog Food Company website and Facebook page for more info on winter weather and night time safety! Or give them a call on 0800 848 8049.