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13 January 2020
The new year is underway and many of us will have been thinking about exercising more and eating healthier after the Christmas festivities but what about your dog? Have you checked your dog’s weight recently?

It is easy for your dog to put on a few extra pounds during winter months as we are generally less active but it is important to keep track throughout the year as it is a good indicator of overall health.

Canine obesity is one of the most common problems in dogs and in most cases, preventable. Many dogs in the UK are overweight which can cause unnecessary stress on the dog’s heart, lungs, liver and kidneys as well as being prone to injury and illness. The main reason for canine obesity is simply because they are eating to many calories for the amount of exercise they do.

If your dog is overweight there are many things you can do to get your dog back into shape, starting with their diet. The Natural Dog Food Company Turkey Light/Senior kibble has been specifically developed for the mature dog and younger dogs that are prone to weight gain. Available in Original and Grain Free this range has a lower overall calorie content, increased protein levels to help prevent muscle wastage and a selection of therapeutic herbs, chosen for their ability to help maintain mobility and organ function.

Exercise is the next most important thing to help your dog lose weight, it is also great for you and your well-being! For help and advice on weighing and exercising your dog head over to www.naturaldogfoodcompany.com and take a look at the blog section for some helpful articles such as Walking month and cycling with your dog, or the shop online for more information about the Senior/Light variety!

Why not try a 2kg bag today? Use code YD15OFF at checkout to receive 15% off any 2kg bag, exclusively for Your Dog readers! But hurry, offer ends 31st January.

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