Light up the night with Nerf Dog


07 December 2018
Taking your dog out for its evening exercise isn’t always the most appealing prospect after a long day, especially on cold, dark wintery nights. But skipping your dog’s daily exercise routine is not an option if you want to keep your furry friend fit, happy and healthy.

Walking at night is no bother for dogs, as their eyesight is better than ours in low light conditions, but it can make it more challenging for playtime in the park. That’s why Nerf Dog have created the perfect range to brighten up your evening outing with your pooch.

Playtime no longer needs to end when to sun goes down as your furry friend can enjoy an amazing selection of light up toys. The Nerf Dog LED Megatron Vortex Dart, Nerf Dog LED Spike Ball, Nerf Dog LED Blaze Tennis Ball and Nerf Dog LED Spike Stick each light up when you shake them, meaning you’ll never lose your dog’s favourite toy in the dark again! Whether playing inside or outside your furry friend will be kept entertained for hours with these one of a kind colourful toys, developed for high visibility and durability to be both appealing and safe. They’re great toys for toss and fetch, or solo play sessions; playing around is a great way to warm up your dog in cold weather whilst also keeping their minds occupied.

And if your playful pooch loves to run and fetch, light up the night with the new Translucent Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster, this high-powered launcher blasts your dog’s favourite tennis ball over 50ft in the air. You can watch the LED Sonic Glow Ball fly as it lights up through the barrel and takes launch. The Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster has a mechanism that is safe for your hands so you can take aim and launch carefree. Gone will be the days of picking up that slobbery ball for a game of fetch with help of Nerf Dog, and when your dog brings the tennis ball back, stay in the game by placing the barrel on the ball and pick it up “hands-free”. That’s why it’s Nerf or nothing!

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Why not brighten up your dog’s toy box with the full Nerf Dog LED range which includes the Translucent Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster (LED Glow Sonic Ball included), Nerf Dog LED Megatron Vortex Dart, Nerf Dog LED Spike Ball, Nerf Dog LED Assorted Tennis Balls 4 Pack, Nerf Dog LED Tennis Ball 2 Pack, Nerf Dog LED Blaze Tennis Ball and the Nerf Dog LED Spike Stick.

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