Let’s talk feeding habits


12 April 2022
Like people, some dogs eat anything and everything, whilst others are fussy and unpredictable.

For some it’s genetic, inherit from their breed. For others it could be early experiences during puppyhood and learned behaviour, for instance, picky eaters are often created by their owners feeding table scraps to add interest or changing brands frequently to inject variety.

Whatever your dog’s behaviour at mealtimes, we all want our beloved companions to be healthy and happy.

For a lot of dog owners, safety and convenience is a huge plus point when choosing dog food. A nutritionally balanced, complete dry kibble which is easy to store, quick to prepare and industry regulated is the perfect feeding solution. However, when asked, many dog owners felt guilty feeding ‘brown biscuits’ every mealtime believing their dogs would be bored. This belief leads them to add the unhealthy extras.

So, instead of adding table scraps that can often contain unexpected calories or ingredients not suitable for a dog’s diet, by slightly reducing the amount of kibble and adding a topper from the Fish4Dogs® Finest wet complementary range of products, dog owners can be assured their dog is maintaining a healthy, interesting diet. And if added to Finest complete kibble, they benefit from a delicious kibble, rich in naturally sourced omega 3, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, supporting coat, skin condition, mobility, and cardiac health.

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As with all Fish4Dogs® products, Finest wet complementary products are formulated without any chicken, beef, pork, or lamb, perfect for dogs with intolerances to certain proteins.  They are all grain free recipes with natural ingredients and contain no added artificial colours or flavours.

The full range of Fish4Dogs food and treats are available online delivered direct to your door from www.fish4dogs.com. Also available from all good quality pet shops.