Let's meet pup!


18 December 2014

The arrival of puppy is always exciting - even when the pup doesn't belong to you. (Possibly even more so, as you can just enjoy having fun with the pup and not worry about house training!)

My friends have recently got a Golden Retriever puppy, called Loki. Having waited a few days to let the pup settle in, I was invited round to meet him.

As I headed in the house, all the things I had learned about socialisation and meeting pups were going through my head. I made sure I let Loki approach me and kneeled down to appear less intimidating. Getting down to his level seemed to reassure him and he bounced over to give me a hearty welcome. His golden coat was soft to touch and even at a such a young age, you could see he has a happy and loving temperament.

Being a typical puppy, Loki is a bundle of energy, eager to play and explore. He proudly carried round his toy pheasant and I threw it for him to fetch which he loved. After an excitement fuelled play time, he settled down as I chatted to my friends about how they were finding puppy ownership. They had recently lost their rescue which hit them hard (and continues to do so). While they will always miss their friend, Loki is a joyful character that gives them something to focus on - building a new friendship. 

After a few more games and my failed attempts to take a decent photograph of him, I headed home - happy to leave them to the hard work of bringing up a puppy but already looking forward to my next visit!

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