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26 September 2013

Drontal Show Your Dog Some Love

We've teamed up with Drontal® to celebrate the launch of their new canine behaviour report ‘Show Your Dog Some Love', packed full of expert advice on understanding and interpreting canine behaviour, characteristics and facial expressions.

The report includes interviews with dog owners and video footage of different breeds, all analysed by Dog Behavioural Expert and author, Sarah Whitehead. Sarah revealed that some dog owners misinterpret common behaviour patterns, which can be confusing for owner and canine.

Together with Drontal® we are giving you a chance to find out more in our live, interactive Webinar all about dog behaviour, featuring Sarah Whitehead.

WATCH THE SHOW LIVE, HERE: 12.30pm, Tuesday 15th October

The show is only around 15 minutes and could be valuable to understanding your pooch's habits. It's also interactive, so register your own question for Sarah either now, or during the live show, by filling out the box below. Sarah will try to answer as many as she can during the show.

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‘Show Your Dog Some Love', The Drontal® Report®

The report and a video featuring footage of the dogs involved in the study and a breakdown of the key findings are free to download from the Drontal Facebook page or you can also download it from the Drontal website.

TV Vet Paul Manktelow explains the rationale behind the research: "Dog owners are spending more time than ever before with their pets, which is why understanding canine behaviour is increasingly popular and important in the UK. It is vital that owners also use these subtle signs to interpret whether their pet is stressed or has a hidden health issue such as intestinal worms."

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