Lack of canine access risks welfare crisis


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15 September 2021
The Kennel Club is urging more employers and businesses to allow dogs, as research shows nearly a quarter of owners fear they won’t be able to cope post-lockdown.

According to data released by the UK’s largest canine welfare organisation, 23 per cent of owners worry they’ll be unable to provide a suitable home for their dogs now COVID-19 restrictions have been relaxed — unless more work and leisure places start welcoming pets.

And nearly one in five says they are now even considering rehoming their dog, sparking concerns that more animals will end up being abandoned.

In a bid to get more of our canine companions allowed into places where we socialise and work, the Kennel Club has launched its Open for Dogs campaign. 

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“This new research worryingly shows that if dogs can’t go to places with their owners, and fit their lifestyle post-pandemic, some will be left home alone for too long, or even sadly rehomed or abandoned,” said the organisation’s spokesperson Bill Lambert, who is also concerned about the alarming theft and health-related consequences of pets being tied up outside shops or left in hot cars.

“Dogs should be a part of our lives and daily routines as much as possible, and we hope to see the UK being as faithful to dogs as they are, and have been, to us.”

With 59 per cent of people wanting more places to permit dogs, the campaign is providing businesses, establishments, and workplaces with practical advice, tools, and resources to help them improve their canine credentials.

● Downloadable dog-friendly policies, ‘Open for Dogs’ window stickers, and top tips for owners are available by visiting