Kickstarter campaign created for a brand-new treat dispensing ball


05 November 2020
Pawsome Puzzler is excited to introduce a brand-new product to Kickstarter which is, to simply put it, an innovative and creative dog ball.

The Pawsome Puzzler is a treat dispensing puzzle which not only dispenses treats, but is also mind stimulating and has a lot of additional benefits for your dogs’ well-being.

Open the ball, fill it up with treats, close it up and let it work its magic. It boosts confidence, keeps your dog busy when you are occupied or even out of the house, gives your dog a daily dose of exercise when he chases it, works as a sensory enrichment and increases focus.

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It comes in two sizes and five different colours, so it is suitable for almost every dog. This product was tested among 20 dogs of various breeds and, sooner or later, all of them understood that the ball is a treat dispenser, but not many could figure out how it is happening. For this reason, many were very determined to solve the puzzle and get as many treats as possible out of it. This way, your dog will stay occupied with the ball for a very long time while you are absent or busy doing other things.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign to find out more about how testing went, and all other details of this campaign: