It’s tough times for pet welfare!


16 July 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has inflicted huge challenges on the charity sector as their incomes have dramatically fallen, but our animal charities such as the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals, have to cope with a double whammy, as the demand for their services is set to dramatically increase.

The PDSA is the UK’s leading veterinary charity, running 48 Pet Hospitals across the country it provides veterinary care for sick and injured pets belonging to people in need. As job losses continue due to the economic downturn, many pet owners are struggling to afford healthcare for their pet which means our animal welfare charities need more support than ever.

This is why Krka UK, the manufacturers of FleaScreen Combo and WormScreen have pledged to donate 10p for every pack sold to the PDSA to help support the great work they do.

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So the next time you need flea protection or worming treatment for your pet, please click on the link below and buy some FleaScreen Combo and WormScreen and you’ll be helping many more pets too!