Is your dog your trusted companion?


01 May 2018
If so, you can enter the Drontal trusted companion awards and win £1,000!

The 2018 Drontal Trusted Companion Awards have been created to celebrate the special bond humans have with their four-legged furry friends. This means that not only do you keep your dog happy and healthy; you also make sure they are parasite free.

The awards are in partnership with Dog A.I.D, a charity that aims to empower the less able by supplying disabled dog owners with a trainer to help give them knowledge and skills to eventually become a fully qualified Assistance Dog.

The charity helps anyone over the age of 15 who has a physical disability which impairs their movement and their ability to perform tasks such as picking up a dropped object, opening and shutting doors, helping with the laundry and many other tasks.

Drontal will donate £1 to Dog A.I.D every time someone enters the Trusted Companion Awards*.

Drontal is clinically proven to kill every kind of intestinal worm commonly found in UK dogs. Voted best worming product of 2017 by Your Dog readers, Drontal treats every breed, age and size of dog. Drontal your dog today and every three months to beat worms.

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How to enter

Visit the Drontal Facebook page and submit a picture of you and your pet plus 100 words on why they are a trusted companion. Has your dog helped you with daily tasks? Or just helped boost your confidence? We want to hear it.

One winner will be selected by a panel of judges including TV vet Paul Manktelow, Your Dog editor, Bruno the miniature dachshund and a representative from Dog A.I.D.

The winner of the competition will win £1,000 and will become the online face of the Drontal Trusted Companion Awards.

Enter your dog into the Trusted Companion Awards, HERE.

*T&C’s apply