Is natural the new way?


14 September 2023
Is natural the new way for your dog?

In 2022 research found that 38% of Brits add supplements into their diet and this trend continues to rise significantly. As dog owners, there is a strong belief that what is good for you is good for your dog.  This is causing an increased demand for high-quality natural supplements for dogs.

There are many nutrients out there that have been created in an artificial environment such as laboratories. Many supplements are made from synthetic material, rather than from natural ingredients that contain high quality natural nutrients. For both humans and dogs, the body can absorb natural ingredients to a higher standard than nutrients of a lower quality and therefore will have a longer lasting benefit.

Medication and side effects

The other thing to consider is side effects that your dog may encounter when on a medicinal product, especially when they are administered for a long period of time. Here are just some side effects that your dog may encounter:

  • Stomach upset.
  • Excessive salivation.
  • Skin irritation.
  • Liver or kidney damage.
  • Lethargy or behavioural changes.

Some natural supplements such as turmeric can counteract side effects with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and in turn helping to repair liver damage and aids support to the stomach. Turmeric is also a beneficial supplement to feed pre- and post-surgery and can help to reduce recovery and healing time.

So surely the question is, why offer your dog something synthetic that could potentially cause distress for you both when there are plenty of other powerful natural alternatives out there?

Great for your dog, even greater for the planet

One thing that is widely spoken about now is protecting our planet. When considering supplements, look at their impact on the environment. Surely it would be a bonus if we could reduce the size of our Dog’s paw print, right? Quite a few natural supplements on the market tend to be organic and in turn have a smaller impact on the environment by providing more biodiversity but at the same time providing a bigger positive impact on your dog.

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We also must consider how ingredients for the natural supplement are sourced. For example, a synthetic product that is manufactured in a laboratory will take a lot less time and planning compared to something that needs to be ethically sourced and harvested.

Cost -Effective Supplements

When it comes to buying a supplement that contains the highest quality ingredients, usually means a higher price tag. This is because the product will usually contain the best quality ingredients which are more expensive to source. Despite the higher price tag, typically you get what you pay for, and you can have confidence that the supplement will deliver results. That said, sometimes supplements are more expensive and just marketed in a clever way. It is important to do your research into the brand and ingredients sourced prior to purchasing.  

The key to finding a cost-effective supplement would be to look at the dosage rates and how long that supplement would last. For example, TurmerEase from the Golden Paste Company has an RRP of £29.15 but for a 25kg Dog that would be a 50-day supply which works out at roughly 58p per day which in turn works out more cost-effective than the average daily cost of most prescribed medications and as a bonus has no side effects!

As Dog owners we would love them to lead a healthy life and we notice this by the way they look for example, their coat and skin, digestion, behaviour, and general wellbeing just to name a few. We think you will agree that a healthy dog is a happy dog and that makes us happy as dog owners!

Always consult your vet for any medical concerns.

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