Interview with Bill Oddie


23 September 2013

Ticks are parasites that latch on to and feed off dogs. Nearly half of pet owners - 43 per cent - have seen a tick on their dog. However, many dog owners are not aware of the dangers that come from these pesky parasites, which is the reason for the campaign.

We caught up with Bill Oddie to find out why he got involved in the campaign.

Why are you supporting the new Frontline Spot On campaign?

"I was asked to be involved and I understand the problem with ticks and fleas. Both my daughters recently acquired dogs and so anything that will help them I am willing to do. I also wanted to join the campaign as I have suffered with ticks myself and know how dreadful they can be. I was stretching in front of the TV one evening and my wife saw a tick under my arm. I panicked quite a bit as I had just read an article on Lyme disease and how dangerous it is. Ticks aren't good for pets or people. It's a really great campaign and the messages are easy to implement."

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Why is this such an important campaign for pet owners?

"When it comes to pets, some issues are neglected and the danger that ticks pose could easily be one of those things."

Do you have a message for dog owners when it comes to ticks?

"Keep looking for them. When I owned a dog I didn't know anything about ticks. You just get into the habit at the end of the day and check your dog."

Do you have a dog?

"I don't have one now. I have always lived in London since I left university and there's plenty of dog walking areas. I have owned three dogs: Dozy Dog who was a Jack Russell, one called Woof, and another dog called Walkie. Walkie unfortunately got run over in Battersea Park while I was filming. He was the last pet I owned. I feel a lot of affection for my daughter Kate's dog. The dog seems to have been abused by his former owner, but since Kate took him in, he's become a normal, relaxed dog. His devotion to my daughter is really beautiful."

For further information on ticks and how to prevent them visit

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