How to prepare for Bring Your Dog To Work Day!


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17 June 2019
Bring Your Dog to Work Day lands on June 21st this year! Here are Jo’s top tips for anyone planning to take their dog to work for the first time...


  1. Create a quiet, safe, and secure space — and respect it. However novel the dog’s attendance, give him space. Ensure he’s comfortable and has water.
  2. Tell everyone that a dog is coming in and agree a meet-and-greet session in advance. Our dogs meet a canine newcomer, one-by-one, outside so they can make friends in an open, neutral space. Our humans who want to fuss the newcomer also do so outside, so when the dog comes into the office, he’s calm and reassured from the start.
  3. Remember your dog will need plenty of comfort breaks, so pick a day when you can be with him as much as possible, not when you have lots of meetings.
  4. Enjoy having your dog with you and relax. If everyone is relaxed around him, then he will be, too.

For more information about BYDTWD, how to join in the fun, and the charities that will benefit, visit

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