How to have fun with your dog during a global pandemic


25 January 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic is tough for everyone and this includes dogs and their owners. With so many restrictions, there are not a lot of options and it is the perfect time for people to get creative.

Staying indoors may be boring for some people. Luckily for people with dogs, boring days can be made more fun and dogs are great at brightening the mood.

A time for improvement

It is important not to waste any time. This is an opportunity to work on and improve your dog’s skills — it’s a chance to ensure your dog is listening to you. You can spend quality time together to improve your relationship — and there will even be enough time to learn some new tricks!

This is also a good time to improve your photography skills. Most people find it hard to take good pictures of their pets because their dogs are never looking at the camera or are always on the move. There are a number of techniques you can try. Pick a room that has natural lighting, and get down to your dog’s level to get the best angle to take a picture of your pet. You can use the burst mode on your camera or smartphone to take a number of photos, and then select the best later. Hold a squeaky toy or a treat up in front of your dog to make him look at the camera.

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Caring for your dog

Since dogs will now be spending more time indoors with their humans, it is an ideal opportunity to give them a thorough check over. This will keep you busy, and it’s also a nice way to spend some time looking after your dog and making sure he’s staying healthy and clean. Check and clean his ears, brush his teeth, and cut his nails regularly. If you need to give your dog a bath, look for a shampoo that is gentle and suitable for his coat-type. It is also important to make sure that you’re not over-cleaning your dog with all the extra time on your hands.

Perhaps the most tricky and important task is trimming your dog’s hair, particularly if you can’t take him to a groomer. To keep your dog and the house clean, it is important to trim the excess hair from around the eyes, mouth, and paws. All the trimming will make a mess, but it can be made easier with a pet hair vacuum. Place an order online for the type that will best meet your needs. See some comparisons here

Other fun activities

If you, along with your dog, feel like you’re stuck at home and you don’t have much to do, a movie night with your pet may be the answer — ideally watching a dog-themed film. You can enjoy a cuddle as you watch the movie and relax.

There are also a number of fun games you can play with your dog so that being inside is just as much fun as being outside. Try some scent work, encouraging your dog to use his nose to sniff out prizes and treats.