Get fit with your dog with these simple exercises


30 August 2015

Don't forget to warm up before exercising!

Exercise 1 – Running between markers

This exercise is for people who are a little fitter, so check with your doctor or vet before attempting it to avoid causing injury to yourself or your dog. Be warned that your dog may get overexcited during this exercise.

Place two markers on the ground a distance apart. With your dog alongside you, run backwards and forwards between the markers. Your dog can be either on or off lead. You can use low-calorie treats or a toy to lure him between the markers if necessary. Repeat five times to start with.

Exercise 2 – Push ups

Lie face down on the ground with your dog nearby facing you.

Push up with your arms and lift the front of your body, keeping your legs on the ground. Your dog can go under your arms once they are raised off the ground. Hold the position as you become fitter, to make it harder. Repeat five times.

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Exercise 3 – Stair lifts

Sit on the stairs. Raise and stretch one leg out at a time; get your dog to go over or under the raised leg. Repeat five times for each leg. If your dog is very fit he can do all 10 repetitions, otherwise ask him to do it every other time.

To make the exercise harder, keep your leg raised for longer. You can also try lifting both legs at the same time, again asking your dog to go under or over your legs.

Exercise 4 – Leg lifts

Lie on the ground with your legs straight. Get your dog to sit facing you.

Lift one leg up at a time and hold it for as long as you are comfortable, building up to longer holds; if you are reasonably fit, hold for 10 to 20 seconds. Ask your dog to go under the raised leg and over the leg on the ground. Repeat five times for each leg. Your dog can do every one or every other leg lift.

If you have any concerns regarding your or your dog's health, remember to consult your vet and/or doctor prior to embarking on any weight loss and/or fitness regime.