Fresh hope for ‘at watch’ breed as Dulux announce puppy arrival


08 April 2020
Leading paint brand Dulux have announced the arrival of six playful puppies - giving fresh hope to the nation’s iconic Old English Sheepdog breed.

Last year the Kennel Club announced the famous Dulux dog was on the ‘at watch list’ after figures of puppy registration dropped dramatically.

The breed was in decline with just 318 Old English Sheepdog puppies registered in 2018 - down from 495 registered in 2015 - a 36 per cent decline.

However, the reduction in registrations fell by just one, according to new figures, with 317 Old English Sheepdogs born in 2019.

Working with the Old English Sheepdog Rescue and Welfare charity, Dulux are delighted with the arrival of the puppies on the vulnerable breed list.

The happy news came on March 2nd when the shaggy haired pups, which have become synonymous with the brand, were born to Zosia and Otto.

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Pictures show the playful dogs playing in the garden - and follow an official birth announcement in a national newspaper.

Julie Love from Old English Sheepdog Rescue said: “We were delighted to hear the news of the arrival of six lively Old English Sheepdog puppies. The iconic breed is seeing something of a resurgence at the moment after decreasing numbers of registrations in past years, so we are thrilled to add these little ones into the fold."

Ewa Moxham from Dulux said: “The Old English Sheepdog is affectionately known as the Dulux dog - they really are the face of our brand and we’re delighted to welcome these gorgeous puppies into the Dulux family. They’re all stars and we’ll no doubt be seeing more of them in the years to come.”