Five minutes with Dr Pixie McKenna


30 October 2018
Resident GP on Channel 4’s hit TV show, ‘Embarrassing Bodies’, Pixie McKenna talks about her beloved Boxer, Dinky.
Q. Tell us about your dog.

A. My dog is called Dinky and she’s a nine-year-old Boxer. I grew up with dogs and, having had a Boxer called Basil as a child, I always knew that when I was older I’d have one of my own. Dinky is bonkers but adorable, with a gorgeous, slobbery face, and she’s amazingly loyal. My children love her and she’s completely changed the energy within our home for the better. I couldn’t imagine life without her.

Q. What do you like to get up to with Dinky?

A. Dinks is very much a family dog so she goes everywhere with us. We’re lucky that she’s well behaved, as she travels overseas, stays in hotels, and is a regular in our local pub, where she always gets a fuss. She never causes any trouble and is always so excited to be involved. It’s great that we can include her in all of our family activities.

Dr Pixie McKennaQ. When and how did your love of dogs first begin?

A. I was nicknamed Pixie after the German Shorthaired Pointer we had when I was born (Pixie’s real name is Bernadette), so that, together with growing up around them, meant it was inevitable that I was going to be a dog lover. My mother likes to tease me even now, as when I was a child, I would frequently try to feed from the dog bowl! I was just fascinated by dogs and wanted to spend all my time with them.

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Q. How do you juggle dog ownership with a busy work and family life?

A. Dinky is a self-sufficient lady so is happy to man the house when we are at work, and roam around the garden to stretch her legs. Also, because she has such a lovely nature, we have a queue of friends who ask to take her for a good run around the park. Ultimately, Dinks is part of the family and whether it’s a trip to a friend’s house, day out with the children, or chilling in front of the TV, she’s always right there next to us.