Five dog myths busted


02 February 2017

1. Dogs only see in black and white

False! In actual fact dogs do have colour vision, although it is not as effective as humans. Obviously it is not possible ask a dog to take part in an eye test or read a colour chart, however behavioural tests suggest that dogs see in shades of yellow and blue but struggle to see colours from green to red! This is quite surprising when a lot of dog toys are quite often red!

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2. Old dogs can't learn new tricks

Anyone with an older dog will tell you this isn't true! Dogs can learn tricks at any age, in fact senior dogs are often easier to train than puppies and they are able to focus for longer periods of time! So if you're the owner of an older dog or have recently adopted one, don't rule out training!

3. Dogs hate cats

Those of us who own both a dog and a cat will tell you this isn't true! In fact it is quite often the case that they are the best of friends and are often seen snuggled up together – seriously cute!

4. Bottom-scooting means he's got worms

This is the sight that as a dog owner makes us immediately think of worms! However this type of behaviour can point to other health complaints, scooting can be a sign your dog needs his anal glands draining as in some dogs they can become impacted, or it can happen after a bout of loose stools, both of which are easily treated so don't panic!

5. Dog's will eat anything

Those of us with a dog that's a fussy eater will beg to differ! However their are dogs out their that will try to hoover up pretty much anything they can get their paws on. This is when we need to step in an ensure that any harmful foods are out of sight and away from their twitching noses!