First Staffy to qualify as an explosives search dog and protects the Royal Family


11 August 2021
An abandoned Staffordshire Bull Terrier has become the first of her breed to become an explosives search dog and now even protects the Royal Family at major events.

Rescued by the RSPCA in 2017, Roxy’s potential was spotted by staff at the charity’s West Hatch Animal Centre in Somerset.

“She was the right age, good around people and other dogs, really confident, very ball-focused, and incredibly determined,” explained the centre’s supervisor Sue Dicks.

After joining Avon & Somerset Police for her initial training, the five-year-old Staffie moved to Hampshire and Thames Valley specialist search unit, where she graduated in February 2020.

Searching in Windsor prior to the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral.

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Partnered by PC Camilla Carter, Roxy is the only Staffie in the UK trained to detect the scent of explosives and the only dog of her breed in her unit. The pair carry out security sweeps before high-profile events and VIP, royal, and ministerial visits, search for suspicious packages, and respond to bomb threats.

Last year, PC Carter and PD Roxy worked at Windsor Castle ahead of Princess Beatrice’s wedding and, in April, secured the area before the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral.

“Roxy’s a superstar,” said PC Carter. “I love working by her side; she’s my crew mate and we have each other’s backs.”