Family plea to reunite missing dog with heartbroken daughter


06 March 2019
Dog owners across the nation are being urged to help find Albi, a family pet dog and companion to autistic daughter, Mollie.

It seems so poignant that a young child who was doing so well with her autism suddenly became dreadfully bewildered by the loss of her magical boy Albi.

Mollie's recent mantra is simply 'Where Albi? When Albi come home? Miss Albi'. Can you imagine your child saying those words over and over and not being able to provide any comforting answers? To lose your greatest pal is simply heartbreaking.

Albi (a young male Terrier/Poodle cross) was out on a field walk next to Cranleigh Drive, Whitfield, Kent on October 5th 2018 when he was spooked by a large German Shepherd running towards him, causing him to run off towards a housing estate. There have since been possible sightings in St Margarets.

Perhaps you have found Albi wandering alone or even purchased him unwittingly. He is the devoted and loyal friend of a sweet young girl. Can we all look to try and restore the love in this little's girls soul by bringing her beloved Albi back to her.

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Mollie's steps with her development became outstanding after the introduction of Albi and she showed such progress which is currently waning as a result of his disappearance. There is nothing quite as sad as a confused child who does not understand why he has gone away. Perhaps we will never feel the deep bond that ties autism and a deep love for animals so tightly. It would be so beautiful if these two could be reunited and a small girls heart could be happy once again.

If you have seen or know anything, please contact Alexandra Collins on 0775 156 4330 (Saffron Walden, North Essex), or Sharon Morton on 07460 436102 (Whitfield, Kent). There is a £5,000 reward for his safe return.

Thank you.